We automatically provide a Registered Office for each newly established company. If necessary, local authorities send correspondence to this address and we forward it to the client.

If you need to receive standard business correspondence at this address that you then want to re-send to your domestic address or scan it and send by e-mail or you want to send business correspondence through this address, you can establish a Virtual Office.

We provide the Virtual Office service in all countries in which we establish companies (except Marshall Islands and Gibraltar) and we can also provide it in many other countries, for example Australia, Bahamas, China, South Africa, Malta, Malaysia, New Zealand and Sweden.

The basic price is EUR 650 a year and includes the following services:

  • an address to which mails will be sent
  • receiving correspondence to this address
  • forwarding incoming mails to your (domestic) address at the specified intervals
  • sending mails from this address

In addition to this fee, an advance of at least EUR 100 must be paid for postal fees. The costs of forwarding / sending mails will be deducted from this amount.

In some localities, for an extra charge, a telephone number with an answering machine, your own (reserved) or a shared telephone number with a secretary who will record and hand over incoming messages, your own (reserved) or a shared fax number (faxes will be forwarded at the agreed intervals or automatically) or a telephone number with all incoming telephone calls re-routed directly to you (to a mobile telephone number or to your office in your country) is available. The fees and accessibility of these services differ according to the locality. If you are interested, please contact us.

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