Several types of companies can be established in the United States of America, however for non-residents, we mostly recommend a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the state Delaware. A Delaware LLC which is not managed or owned by an American resident and does not operate in the United States of America, it does not need to submit a Financial Statement and except for the flat Franchise Tax it does not pay any taxes in the USA. We can establish a company in one day.

The Director (manager) of a Delaware LLC can be one person or more, the owner (member) can be one or more natural persons or corporate bodies. If for any reason you do not want to appear as the director and/or shareholder, you can use a nominee director and / or nominee owner.

The costs of establishing a Delaware LLC company, including a registered office, a registration agent, standard company documents verified by Secretary of State and Apostille, membership certificates, stamp and delivery by courier are EUR 1,200.

The fees for additional years (registered office, registration agent, flat tax) are EUR 900.

Optional services to keep directors and shareholders anonymous:

Nominee director - natural person EUR 650 a year (including one general Power of attorney verified by a Notary with Apostille​ and undated resignation letters)

Nominee owner - corporate body EUR 650 a year (including a Declaration of Trust, verified by a Notary with Apostille)

We also establish companies in all other US states.

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