A very prestigious locality for establishing a company. In Switzerland we recommend establishing either a standard GmbH, AG or a branch of a foreign company (e.g. Hong Kong Ltd company). The main difference between these two is the way in which dividends are taxed. In Switzerland the dividends of a company paid to shareholders are subject to a withholding tax, whereas dividends paid by a Swiss branch of a foreign company are not taxed in Switzerland. In addition, the standard share capital of CHF 20,000 (GmbH), CHF 50,000 (AG) for a standard Swiss company must be paid (into Notarial custody) before the company is founded, if a branch of a foreign company is established this does not apply.

Swiss companies pay federal and canton tax and general tax which varies between 11% to 24% depending on the locality. The lowest taxation is in Zug.

At least one director must be a Swiss resident (we can provide one), a shareholder(s) can be natural person(s) or corporate bodies of any country. All companies must keep accounts and submit a Declaration of taxes (we can do this).

The costs of establishing a Swiss company, a registered office, standard documents, share certificates and delivery by courier are EUR 14,000.

The costs for additional years, i.e. leasing a registered office, administration fee and a local office are EUR 9,000.

Optional services to keep directors and shareholders anonymous:

A nominee director (Swiss resident), one General Power of Attorney (POA) verified by a notary with Apostille and an undated resignation of the nominee director costs EUR 4,000 a year.

A nominee shareholder (corporate body), including a Declaration of Trust verified by a Notary with Apostille costs EUR 1,000 a year.

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