Establishing a company in Ireland takes about 10 days. A filled in and signed order is required, as well as a copy of a passport and a copy of a document with the name and address not older than three months. The company must have at least two directors of whom one must be EU resident. The company can have one shareholder. If for any reason you do not want to appear as a director and/or shareholder, you can use a nominee director and/or shareholder.

The income tax on trade activities is 12.5%, whereas the income tax of non-trade activities is 25%. The profit from non-trade activities includes the sale of real estate and land or investment profit (shares, etc.) if they were held for longer than 12 months. If shares were held for two or three months and then sold, the profit is considered profit from trade activities and the tax is 12.5%.

An Irish company can be registered for VAT and if the company pays income tax, a Certificate of Tax Residence can be applied for even if the company does not have an Irish director.

The costs for establishing an Irish company, with a registered office in Dublin, a secretary, standard documents including Apostille, share certificates, company stamp and delivery by courier is EUR 2,200.

The fees for additional years (management of the company, registered office in Dublin, secretary and Annual Return) are EUR 1,100.

Book-keeping, preparing and submitting the Financial Statement to the Register of Companies and the Financial Office vary from EUR 700 according to demand.

Optional services to keep directors and shareholders anonymous:

Appointed director (British resident) including one General Power of Attorney with Apostille and an undated resignation EUR 650.

Nominee director (Irish resident), including one General Power of Attorney with Apostille and an undated resignation EUR 2,000.

Nominee shareholder (British resident), including a Declaration of Trust EUR 650.

Other optional services: VAT registration EUR 350.

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