A very attractive location for establishing a foreign company. Canada, which has signed double taxation treaties with more than 90 countries, offers non-residents the possibility of establishing several kinds of companies.


We establish this type of company in the provinces of British Columbia (BC) and New Brunswick (NB). Companies must submit a Financial Statement and pay income tax on the income achieved anywhere in the world. A corporation registered in British Columbia 25%, in New Brunswick 26%. Establishing a company takes 2-3 days.

The company must have at least one director. If you do not want to be the company director for any reason, you can use the services of a nominee director. The shares must be registered. If you do not want to appear in the company as a shareholder, you can use the service of a nominee shareholder.

The company helps you to create a Credit History in Canada and then help with emigrating to Canada if required.

Limited Partnership (LP)

We establish this type of company (limited partnership) in the province of Ontario. This is a simple company with no obligation to submit a Financial Statement or pay taxes in Canada. Establishing a company takes 1 day.

A Canadian limited partnership (LP) can be established by one person who will be the General Partner, as well as the Limited Partner. If necessary, we can provide a nominee general partner or limited partner.

This type of company is very popular with software developers, web designers and IT services providers which offer services for clients in Canada, the USA and Europe.

Extra-Provincial Company (EPC)

If a non-Canadian company (including an offshore company) needs to establish a branch or open a bank account in Canada, the best solution is to register this company as an “Extra-Provincial” company in Ontario province. After registration, the company receives an Ontario licence with the registration number of the company and obtains the status of an Ontario extra-provincial company that can set up an office in Ontario and open a bank account.

Please note that Canadian extra-provincial registration does not create a new independent legal subject. Therefore, a non-Canadian company registered as an extra-provincial company in Ontario does not have any tax obligations in Canada if the company operates outside Canada. If an extra-provincial company has a business activity in Canada, the profits are taxed at 26.5%.

A Canadian company can be used to optimise tax as an agent in a commercial representation contract in which the main vendor / ordering party is another company, including an offshore company.

The company establishment costs in Canada, including a registered office, registration agent, standard company documents, share certificates, stamp and delivery by courier are EUR 2,650.

The fees for additional years (registered office, registration agent, flat fees) are EUR 1,300.

Optional services to keep directors and shareholders anonymous:

Nominee director - natural person EUR 650 a year (including one general Power of attorney verified by a Notary with Apostilleand an undated resignation)

Nominee shareholder - corporate body EUR 650 a year (including a Declaration of Trust, verified by a Notary with Apostille)

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