Establishing and managing companies

For comparison we give the costs of establishing and operating a company in an easy-to-orientate table.

The prices include all fees, including courier delivery. If you order a company, for example in Belize, you will only pay EUR 1,200 for the complete service in the first year and in additional years only EUR 700. No hidden fees.

Country Establishment In subsequent years
Austria * EUR 7,000 EUR 3,900
Belize EUR 1,200 EUR 700
British Virgin Islands EUR 1,800 EUR 1,600
Canada EUR 2,650 EUR 1,300
Cyprus * EUR 2,500 EUR 1,800
Gibraltar EUR 2,400 EUR 1,200
Great Britain * EUR 1,500 EUR 1,200
Hong Kong * EUR 2,700 EUR 1,700
Hungary * EUR 2,400 EUR 850
Ireland * EUR 2,200 EUR 1,100
Israel * EUR 6,000 EUR 3,800
Marshall Islands EUR 1,500 EUR 1,200
Mauritius EUR 2,500 EUR 2,500
Panama EUR 1,150 EUR 950
Seychelles EUR 1,000 EUR 850
Switzerland * EUR 14,000 EUR 9,000
United Arab Emirates EUR 3,700 EUR 2,500
United States of America EUR 1,200 EUR 900

(*) In these countries a Financial Statement (audited) must be submitted. In the case of interest, we ensure by licensed accountant (auditor). Costs vary from EUR 1,500 and more depending on the extent.

To keep directors and shareholders anonymous, we offer the following services:

Nominee director – a natural person EUR 650 a year
(including one general Power of attorney verified by a notary with Apostille and an undated resignation)

Nominee shareholder – corporate body EUR 650 a year
 (including a Declaration of Trust)

Bank accounts

The costs of opening a bank account are given individually according to the demands of the client. Prices vary from EUR 1.500. For detailed information see Bank accounts

Virtual offices

The basic price is EUR 650 a year.
For detailed information see Virtual offices

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